I. Terms

This is an entertainment service for teenagers and office workers, encouraging them not less than 15 years old, does not encourage too passionate. Game is absolutely no virus is nothing you can safely play down the center Each individual should create an account in the game and game play After registration you will receive 1 account and not revealing account for other people on the mental game entertainment, not gambling enthusiast or learn in the game you will be charged for the registration and account recharge for gaming, if you use a prepaid plan, you must ensure their adequate amount of time to load it loaded. Time to play the game encourages you to play in your free time, do not affect your work or your studies on your All conditions must be complied with what we have any questions do not hesitate to contact with us, to answer your questions

II. conditions

Please read the following terms served, and determine that you have understood the content. If there are problems relating to the rights and benefits of the above terms, please consult us for help.

1 Definitions

These provisions suitable for the client to use to connect and engage internet site about games served through our website. The rules must be read collectively with regulations prescribed each game software for use with the corresponding connection when on the game page and the corresponding provisions of this clause. [Connect Device] that the connected device category, including but not limited to the use of network connectivity games, participating in online games catering use with personal computers, laptops hand, mobile phones, digital devices and individuals, PDA phones, other portable devices; [Software Games] here is understood as the software has been approved by the supervisory authority, installed on the connected device from the programmer’s computer customer data or document content private information (including information related to customers), to customers through use, connect and engage the service of the game provided by the Internet.

2 Agree

Customers during customer registration immediately clear meaning agree and confirm.
i. The user has read, fully understand and agree to the terms of this
ii. These regulations constitute the legal agreement can request a constraint that customers use services EWAY JSC game between the customers themselves. (Decree Use Agreement). If the user does not agree to any provision in the rules, please do not sign up and try not to use or continue to use any games or download and / or install the software our game.

3 Edit

EWAY JSC reserves the absolute right to edit as necessary, update and adjust the terms and regulations of the game (or any part). The above edit, update or adjustment will be published on our site. The prescribed part, through editing terms. updates or adjustments will take effect immediately when it is published on the site. Later when the customer continues to use the service of the game through entertainment websites, mobile devices, connect and engage in the service of entertainment, are regarded as agreed and the adoption of statement of the provisions, terms, through editing, updating, or correction. Customer acknowledges and agrees to take responsibility for the investigation read, adjust and update and / or edit the above. EWAY JSC decide informed adjustments, update and / or modify the aforementioned customers, but EWAY JSC no obligation to inform the adjustment, update and / or modify the aforementioned customers.

4 Games Information and Intellectual Property Rights Products

Through entertainment site, serving games, game devices and / or any form publicly provided to customers, obtain, generate and / or collect the information, and document number materials, including but not limited to business planning and documentation, achievements, statistics, data sports games, sports schedules, and data rate games, writing, drawing , visual information (Game information) are owned by and is owned EWAY JSC, customers used for personal non-commercial purposes. In addition to the work in terms, not through a written consent from us or the owner of the material, the customer may not use any tricks to form or modified, copied, edited, recycling , store, distribute, advertising, public broadcasting, cable transfer on repertoire, publish, send, sell, loan, lease, or use the information on the games. Customers also may not use any other form or another web page, web serving, ad pages, the mass media and / or connected devices to obtain, use, or a combination match information on the games. In the game site and / or through connected devices provide entertainment software, entertainers, game information songwriting entitled, trademark, and other forms of intellectual products and other rights protected by copyright. Ownership of the game software on entertainment sites, serving games and entertainment information, product rights and interests are under EWAY JSC and its owners or controllers use. The Customer acknowledges that have never used or connected through the website and / or devices connected for the game software EWAY JSC, serving games and game information for any benefits, or ownership interests.

5 Conditions of Use

Payment method when loading the game:
The games on the site are free to download and install for free. However for online games (eg Tien Hiep Vo Lam Mobile, MobiArmy …), you should note the following points:
Billing Interval:
– For online game to rank high in the game as more genuine furnished, many more treasures, more dominant character than the users will have to recharge the game to buy.
This recharge is the process during games and when customers need to buy furniture.
Identification of the subscription service:
For online gaming, toys can be purchased through sms or loaded via scratch cards.
SMS each time they recharge denominations will be 15,000, VND 30,000, depending on the game, the first number will depend on the first deposit that the release of the game next link
Scratch card denominations, there are many, 10,000, 20,000, 30,000, 50,000, 100,000, 500,000 VND
When the customer wants to cancel the service please check in with the game on the computer, then remove the application from your phone or call us on our hotline phone number at the bottom of our website will enthusiastically support as possible for customers .
To Try And Buy the game, the player will be charged to decide. 7 For example, you play Dragon Ball: When you want to revive songoku system will ask: “Do you want to revive songoku message?”. Such work is paid by the fully active players.
For online gamers, while recharge the game, which will be converted into the currency of the game and the client must use in-game currency in order to buy.
Prices for each item will vary depending on the properties that objects which bring
If you have any questions about the game, please go to the contact support phone call, we will enthusiastically support as possible for our customers.
Freight rates have been informed should any dispute specifically about our price is not acceptable, and we do not bear any legal responsibility.
If players do not agree please do not press charges downloading the game or delete game if the game was installed on the machine according to the installation guide menu section and remove the game.
The game is the game you play online, the game offline and paid entirely by the player decides.
If you want to add new table or buying weapons, they must buy or recharge sms messaging, text messaging and the price is so active players.
To achieve conditions used games serve customers and commitment to ensure that the work is not used for illegal, does not violate the terms and / or terms of these provisions prohibit such use or connected to the game page served, the software serves the entertainment and information of the game on offense. In addition to the terms outlined in this regulation and ensure that other customers have again committed to making sure that, to achieve conditions of use catering service game: Guests must use the identity and his name to conduct activities, not alternative activities for someone else; Users have the freedom within the law; The user has not been detected in the state to participate in a game force; Customers must understand the risks and loss of money using services for games; Amount transferred to the customers account is not illegal or funds from other illegal sources, has not yet been authorized or permitted to operate; overbearing customers who are not delinquent or other illegal working, or not yet authorized to operate and / or have the intention of taking advantage of open accounts at EWAY JSC to operate according to the above purposes, users must not use or let other people use the services or accounts of the game serving game for use in all prohibitions violate our laws, or all acts other illegal, including, but not limited to money laundering; Have security for your name, account and its password, or prevent the use of illegal connections, in the name of security, accounts and passwords exposed situations, to change the password immediately or inform us; Customer name, account and your password connect via web serving games and / or connected devices and services used games are solely responsible for all activities , though the connections mentioned above and / or use of the knowledge or authorization of the user or not; Do not use these methods may hinder or impede the use of websites or game serving connected devices, and entertainment software games obstacle information to other clients or main website entertainment, not perform any act aimed at reducing low or lower can reduce the performance of game sites and game services; No collection or by any other form intended to seize material relating to the other customers; No gimmicks or promote harmful viruses, equipment failure or connection that affect performance and sequence of connections, entertainment software, game services and / or entertainment sites , documents or data; Customers through the game website and / or connected devices to connect or use services or information game games for violating the law suit users, nor breach for individual users or devices connected to your existing site to carry out acts of contract / agreement with any individual conference in the country, and also not to be bound by the union contract says conference above; Do not use any equipment, machinery, equipment, software, order or other method (or all things related to the properties just mentioned) to obstruct or hinder entertainment services, connected devices, software, entertainment, recreation sites, game information, and / or any transaction wicks & normal operation of connected equipment; No gimmicks or promote any content violating legal nature, the jammer, the humiliation, the intimidation, the contempt, the troublemakers, obscene, cunning, calculated guilty of wrongful deeds, discrimination race, sex or profanity quarterfinals on game sites and / or the connected device or any other customer, or may constitute or lead to crime, lead to civil liability or form other content violates the law; Users are not staff management, colleagues, employees, advisers, or the relationship of EWAY JSC agents or other related companies, or have a close relationship with the object of or that have ties live in the same house; No other intervention when customers use services for leisure, entertainment sites, entertainment software, connected equipment and / or information or arouse games and / or participating in the investigation, take over connecting letters or promotion / transfer of [junk mail] or the email has not been agreed.

6 Membership and Registration in the account opening game site

When EWAY JSC participation through entertainment, entertainers use, the user must follow the procedures set out in the website to complete the game as the application for membership and open an account (Sign Up membership). Customers must commit and confirm, when users register and apply for membership with all the information and documentation provided includes names & their financial resources (including bank name and account number account) and check the address stated in the application for membership is ultimately practical, accurate and complete. EWAY JSC will use the appropriate measures necessary to the security of documents and personal information provided by customers, we will be in strict confidentiality of documents and information papers obtained from the customer, unless the laws, rules, regulations, courts, watchdog, any management related to recreation, law enforcement’s orders and decisions, or policy requirements must be public. Customers for the security of individual self-responsibility. We reserve the right to charge interest on payment procedures services for our games to the extent necessary after the game site service provider to the financial agency of the rights and interests of users use the information and personal data are disclosed. Customers also have to be responsible and verify the use of the site and connect all the games and other game information, downloads, and software installation and / or use of services and participation for the game does not offer is subject to the laws of our customers. To verify the membership status of the user, we need users to provide proof of age and the user (eg, identity certificate with photo, or card loan or credit card use), users provide original documents if any changes should be promptly reported to us, to verify the name and address of the user, EWAY JSC rights reserved formality posts by mail to verify names and addresses of users, EWAY JSC decide to verify the documents provided by the customer in another form, the user agrees to these provisions, which co-the clear consent EWAY JSC connection, use, handling and storage of any papers or identity verified results. We reserve the absolute right to refuse on the basis of users subscribing to any reason. We are responsible for the online site is published by web pages in EWAY JSC. When members log in and connect to the site as EWAY JSC lead to other losses, we are not responsible if there are any other questions, please contact the online staff’s customer service we do; If there has been violation of our sites or suppliers that we work / the terms of the site and the rules of the game, the log will not be accepted. If you detect any such account, then we will lock your account and withdraw all winnings and share any surplus. Customers can open an account at EWAY JSC. if we found that the use of EWAY JSC not just open an account, we reserve the right to arbitrarily decide to handle all the accounts in EWAY JSC consolidated into a single account most cancellation goes the surplus account or to terminate the contract / agreement with the client request.

7 The right to use game software

Here users who acknowledge and agree to the user through a device connected to the download or the form can be software games games on the site using a remote part of the awards serve , is the property of the owner and EWAY JSC, users do not enjoy any benefits from the game software, the user is not using any form to any modification, copying, editing , recycling, storing, distributing, advertising, public broadcasting, cable conveyor into the repertoire, publish, send, sell, loan, lease, or use of the aforementioned information game . Users may not communicate in any other form or for others to use software or games sites, services, or advertising on the internet or any means of mass communication and / or connected devices . The software EWAY JSC transfer games through connected devices to the right customer non-dedicated, non-transferable right to personal use (right to use), but the device used to connect the installation of game software necessary to retrieve the master user. EWAY JSC authorized purposes and to promote the game software is the key to the use of gaming software can connect fully and services used games. Users may not:
Install or download software game ball to the equipment for other network connections or other steps in order to be able to game software via ad serving network or remote device or network dial internet for others to get.
Spread, lending, leasing, licensing, copy, transfer, convey, or any other form to any other person games software and / or use of the right to use game software .
To others use game software.
Establish or provide any form (including, but not limited to browser spoofing) for others to use game software.
Translator, with the intention to go backward, decompile, reverse compile, modify, decrypt, whole or parts of game software and / or get the original code base for research and development of new products or
Copy, modify, translate, or all or parts of the document and retrieve relevant software used games as a basis for research and development of new products. Users agree and confirm, game software offered on the game site and / or through connected devices or other forms or information on software game are owned by EWAY JSC and ownership, and all patent rights, trademark rights and other intellectual rights and protection. Users in this verification, the software structure of the prize, organization and source code is the trade secret of EWAY JSC extremely valuable and the owners. The user confirms the authorization is in addition based on the right to use, users do not enjoy any of the rights and interests of games software and / or documentation of the software game use. This Treaty is terminated by any reason, the authorities are authorized to use automatically be canceled, the user must stop using the game software and software to delete the game from the set connector.

Regulation 8

Pause regulations provide services for games and / or freezes accounts when users implement corrective measures (if adjustable), after the user through adjustments and we I confirm that is true, game services and user account that will be restored and reopened.